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French Doors

Peerless Inswing French Doors complement a variety of architectural styles for your patio, balcony, or courtyard. The French Doors are fully compression sealed for maximum air and water performance. We feature a 1/2" ADA sill with an AAMA rated 12 lb water performance and superior u-values on the french doors making this an ADA compliant french door threshold(size dependant). Building security is enhanced because one handle engages all panel perimeter locks with an optional key-operated handle. Add in acoustic glass to your inswing french doors for superior end-user comfort. We design beauty and high performance into every Peerless French Door. 

  • Performance Data
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Frame Depth 3.25"
Typical Wall Thickness 0.08
AAMA Rating AW 40
Test Size 80" x 96"
Structural PSF 60 psf
Air CFM/SF <0.1 CFM/SF
Water PSF 12 lb
U-Value | U-Factor 0.35
STC 27-35
OITC 37-40
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