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Peerless Co-Extruded Juliet Balconies

Have you ever designed a project with typical balconies to experience significant expenses and challenging water management? Have you ever driven past a building where all you notice is how much stuff is cluttering the balconies? The Peerless Juliet Balconies give occupants fresh air while keeping the building's look sleek and aesthetically pleasing. The Juliet Balconies come co-extruded onto your Peerless receptor for easy, efficient installation saving you the time and money of bringing in another trade like a traditional balcony. Water management is a non-issue with the Juliet Balconies integration into the window system, be assured the balcony will last the test of time. They come in a picket rail for the more traditional look and glass for a modern look. 

  • Glass Rail
  • Picket Rail
  • Performance Calculations
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Clean aesthetic to make your building stand out from the rest.
Meet fresh air requirements without expensive equipment.
Easy connection onto receptor system.
Saves cos of installing full balcony.
Glass rail uses Sentry Glass™lami for ensure safety.
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Provides a clean exterior to the buiding.
Helps achieve fres air requirements.
Co-extruded onto the receptor system.
Saves on installing full balcony.

Balcony capabilities tested at 8’ width at standard balcony performance calculations. Project specfic testing available upon request.

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