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Peerless Dry Install Receptor System

We designed the Peerless Dry Install Receptor System with our customers in mind. We hoped to design a system that eliminates the need for field trimming, excess sealant use, and potential blind seals. The mitered corners allow for visible seals, so air and water performance are never in question. Our unique glazing bead design lets consultants inspect the sealant with the window fully installed before putting the glazing bean in place. Peerless Dry Install Receptor System can achieve a 15lb water and .01 cfm/sf air performance due to our innovative design and sealing methods. Peerless recommends sealing at the bottom and up 8” at the jamb to achieve these results.
  • Dry Install Receptor System Benefits
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Mitered corners provide no exposed edges for clean design.
Stronger more durable frame corners.
Can be assembled offsite and easily transported to job site for efficient installation.
Pre-drilled installation holes.
Quality inspections can be done on sealant before glazing bead is installed.
Glazing bead design makes sealant easily accessible for any maintenance needs.
Eliminates the need for end dams and reduces the amount of sealant needed.
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