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Standard Features

 U Value range of 0.299-0.34.

 Frame depth of 3 1/4" with overlap sash design with sash being same depth of window frame.

 Ideal for single window "punched" opening or basic retro-fit openings.

 Historic applications due to small sightlines of frame and sash

 Best in Class Powder Coat Finish

 Painted to Match Removable Handle

 Best in Industry Cardinal Glass

 Dry Glaze System with Painted to Match Weeps

 Best in the Industry Palletized Shipping

 1 3/4" IGU is available for standard frame and 1 1/4" IG available for grid pocket frame.

Optional Features

 Jump in panel or hinged panel options which aid in acoustic ratings and can get STC values in mid to high 40's.

 Best seller for Blast projects with co-extruded integral trim for anchoring.

 TDI & FBC approved for Hurricane configurations.

 Panning, trim, and slide in grid capabilities to achieve required look.

 Key operated hardware optional for added security.