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Peerless Palletized Shipping System

Our palletized windows will make the process smoother from production to a warehouse and then eventually your jobsite. Utilizing pallets increases plant efficiency by limiting handling time while providing stability and decreasing shipping damage. The pallets can be easily unloaded from the truck using a forklift decreasing the time it takes to unload trucks on the job site. A packing slip is included that contains a summary of what and how many marks are on each pallet.

Statement from Customer on shipping system:

“The Peerless palletizing system allows me to unload and move my windows to their jobsite location faster than ever before. I use one guy with a forklift now instead of eight. This saves me a lot on my labor costs. Plus, my windows are protected in pallets so they stay in perfect condition while on my jobsite waiting to be installed.”


​Benefits of Palletizing Windows

• Allows level loading of production schedule to maintain efficient lead times
• Windows can be built early & stored in a warehouse for your installation team when needed
• Ability to have finished product on hand for billing if the project timeline gets altered
• More visibility on shipments
• Overall summary of project shipments
• Less shipping & handling damage
• Easier & faster unloading of windows
• Less personnel required for huge labor savings


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