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Peerless has taken a leadership position in architectural window and door innovation. Aluminum products that enrich and enhance the Green attributes of building design and renovation have been at the core of the Peerless Research and Development process. Peerless products offer the lowest U values in the industry in addition to superior air, water and acoustical performance. Peerless Architectural Windows and Doors will continue to evolve products that satisfy and exceed the ever-changing codes and market requirements.

Cutting Edge Technology

The G500 Series can achieve as low as .15 U-values. Peerless offers an Aluminum Architectural Series that provides the strength of aluminum, flexibility of design and the energy efficiency required for the future. The G500 series achieves low U values through an exclusive technology of lower heat flow and reduced air leakage. The G500 series incorporates aluminum bars placed within the thermal break to serve as an isolation piece to slow heat flow, while low-E foil is used on each side of the thermal break to reflect heat back out. Neoprene foam is placed above and below the thermal break to help absorb and isolate cold air transfer. Dual Low-E Coatings are used on the glazing makeup to additionally reduce heat exchange.


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