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Glass System

In order to achieve a low system U value, it is important that you start with a glass package that can also achieve a low U value. Insulated glass systems were designed to provide better insulation for a window system by trapping air between the panes of glass. At Peerless, we offer Double or Triple Glazed options. Double Glazed is two solid sheets of glass separated by a spacer. This is also called an IGU or Insulated Glass Unit. Triple Glazed is three solid sheets of glass. The additional layer and air space gives better insulation value. Triple Glaze is use in extreme weather conditions or to reduce excessive sound transmission or outside noise. Peerless also offers glass with coatings which can affect the energy efficiency, daylighting, occupant’s comfort level, and total performance of the windows and doors. Cardinal Glass offers a 366 coating that goes on the number 2 surface of a double glazed IGU. Cardinal 366 offers the best energy performance for glass available in the industry today. Laminated Glass is also available for jobs that require it for higher glass performance.

Dual Glazed IGU

Triple Glazed IGU

Low E Coating

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