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Powder Coat Finish

AAMA has a 2600 series of specifications; with the two most superior specifications being the AAMA 2605 and 2604. AAMA 2605 has exceptional resistance to harmful environmental factors and should be used on the exterior of the building, especially in southern and coastal climates. AAMA 2604 has superior durability and should be used on the interior of buildings to prevent scratches, scuffs and other abrasions. Peerless strives to give our customers the highest quality products on the market which is the reason we provide powder coated finishes meeting both the AAMA 2604 and 2605. Our powder coatings are far superior to traditional liquid PVDF paint and anodized finish options.

At Peerless, we only use the highest quality powder coatings to keep your building looking new for years to come. Powder coated paint provides an extremely hard finish which prevents damage from production processes, installation, and end use. Powder coatings have no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) making it an environmentally friendly and safe process to paint aluminum material. The architectural industry already recognizes the superiority of powder coatings by offering LEED credits when powder finishes are used.

To demonstrate the confidence of our powder coated finishes, Peerless is offering a standard 20 year warranty anywhere in the United States when using AAMA 2605 on the exterior and interior. Extended warranties are available depending on the application and location of a project. Ask your local sales representative or contact us for more information regarding our extended warranty options.

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