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Dry Glaze System

The Peerless Dry Glaze system is a more reliable method for glazing which is both consistent and dependable. This system utilizes a dry exterior gasket with a foam backer rod under the glass and an interior bead of silicone. Thermal performance, water management, and air infiltration have all be improved with the dry glaze system. The dry glaze system also provides a cleaner, more appealing look to our windows. Another major benefit of the dry glaze system is the ability to replace glass from the interior. We no longer have to get on the exterior of a building to cut and separate the glass from the wet silicone. With dry glaze, all we have to do is cut the interior silicone bead and then the glass can be removed from the dry exterior gasket with ease.

The dry glaze method is easier to manufacturer than the old wet glaze method. This systems creates a safer plant environment and contributes towards lean technology practices. Peerless uses the superior dry glaze system on the complete line of ENERGSAVE products.

Peerless uses durable and reliable weeps that out perform the current industry’s standard weeping system. The weeps provide a cleaner, more appealing look to the windows. The weep cover is painted to match any available finish. Weeps are mechanically fastened which decreases the risk of losing pieces during installation. Peerless weep covers protect from wind and debris, allowing water to escape at all times. Weeps ensure the window is going to keep the water from the interior of the building, and in return the windows and building will last longer.

Benefits of Dry Glaze System

• A more reliable method of glazing which is consistent and dependable
• A secondary seal for improved testing performance
• Advanced water resistance
• Enhanced thermal performance
• Superior under the glass weep system
• A cleaner, more appealing look to the windows
• Easier method for replacement of glass in the field (interior glazing)
• New weep design with finish matching capabilities
• No risk of UV damage over time

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